about knhm foundation

People can change and improve their human environment. Active citizens bring development and change. When they are surrounded by inspiring professionals, their ideas and plans can be realised faster. Then it is possible to plant, build, work, share and enjoy. As a network of professionals, we believe in community participation and we help active citizens to improve their environment.

What we do

KNHM advises people who want to strengthen the social cohesion in their neighbourhood, village or city. We help local communities and social entrepreneurs to realise their ideas, which aim at the improvement of the human environment. Our support consists of process consulting, technical advice, access to our extensive network and social venturing.

Themes on which we focus are:

  • Liveability of villages and neighbourhoods
  • Local and regional food
  • Sustainable local energy and housing
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Cultural heritage, nature and landscape

About us

The KNHM network consists of 180 active citizens and 200 employees of Arcadis. They advise and assist local communities and have a proven track record as managers, consultants, advisers, entrepreneurs or politicians. They are willing to offer their advisory services free of charge.

Formally we are a foundation with one branch in each of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. Through these branches, our advisers assist local communities. The activities of KNHM are overseen by an independent board and coordinated by a small bureau. 10% of the employees of Arcadis Netherlands volunteer in activities of KNHM. In this way the knowledge and experience of Arcadis is made available for the general good. Read more about our programme with Arcadis.

Our history

KNHM was established in 1888 as an association with the aim to stimulate the development of agricultural land, forests and nature. In 1972, KNHM was split into a commercial part (Heidemij) and a foundation (KNHM). In 1998 Heidemij changed its name to Arcadis. Arcadis has developed into a global company providing consultancy, design, engineering and management services in the fields of infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. KNHM is a shareholder of Arcadis.